"Master of the Dirty Joke"- NY TIMES

The Podcast You Absolutely Have to Listen To: Legion of Skanks
The Interrobang

“Legion of Skanks discusses literally anything and everything without holding back or self-censoring. In a word, the Legion of Skanks are simply honest. And being so brutally honest about topics like race, sex, etc. in today’s politically correct, apology obsessed culture is a welcome and much-needed breath of fresh air.”

Turning the Show Around with Big Jay Oakerson

"Oakerson’s podcast Legion of Skanks is a testament to Oakerson’s organic ability to be funny on any topic. His upcoming album, The Crowd Work Sessions: What’s Your F@!?#ng Deal?!, promises to be another hour of off-the-cuff, homegrown wit that can catch even the most refined sensibilities off-guard. "

Big Jay Oakerson, a Master of The Dirty Joke
New York Times

"In a santitized New York, there's something oddly comforting about knowing that around midnight, Big Jay is probably perched inside a club, talking filth"

New York Comedy Festival 2013
The Laugh Button

“The excitement for this show was one of our highest of the week, mainly because we love watching Big Jay Oakerson take to the stage and rip on some of the audience. The sold out venue played host to the brainchild of Oakerson the night has one rule for all comedians on the bill, and that’s not to use their material. Just riff off the crowd and talk about whatever is going on.”. – Matt Kleinschmidt

Big Jay Oakerson hitting the road with Korn

“Comedian Big Jay Oakerson, he of the driving strippers around Philadelphia fame, has joined up with the Jagermeister Tour and Mayhem Festival, playing host and MC to the cross-country aggro-rock extravaganza. The tour features the musical talents of Korn (sorry, the backwards ‘r’ was impossible to type) and Two Cents, and kicks off May 2 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina."

Big Jay Oakerson’s debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
The Comic's Comic

“Just like The Roots, comedian Big Jay Oakerson is a Philadelphia boy. Well, he's a big man now. He even put it in his stage name. Anyhow, Oakerson made his debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and wasn't afraid to talk about his love of the Philadelphia Eagles and their quarterback, Michael Vick. Oakerson also revealed he's a single father to a 9-year-old daughter, and how that makes him feel. Hopefully his daughter never has to experience what Big Jay himself did when he was Little Jay.”

Big Jay Oakerson

“Oakerson is one of the rare, few younger comics who are edgy and boundary pushing. God bless him for that. His performance last night showed how fucking good he really is. You can tell he’s not up there saying shit to be shocking or racy and that what he’s saying on stage is really how he honestly thinks and perceives situations.”

DIGITAL ALBUM REVIEW - "American Storyteller" by Big Jay Oakerson

“Big Jay is not just a shock comic, he is exactly what he claims to be - a true "American Storyteller" who draws his comic inspiration from his strange and sordid experiences working in the trenches of the adult entertainment scene. Think of him as a 21st century Mark Twain, sharing his true experiences in a language appropriate to his subject matter - except that this Mark Twain is not a former riverboat pilot who transported genteel Southern ladies down the rolling Mississippi, but instead is a former adult club driver who transported strippers and escorts through the rocking streets of Philly.”